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Mr Parmesh

About This Project

Mr. Parmesh

Project: Residence of Mr. Paramesh at Uttarahalli, Bangalore

Design dealt: Architectural, interiors

Area: site area – 2400 sq. ft          Built up area – 7280 q. ft

Theme: An elegant and elaborate home was designed for a very vibrant family of 5, with a flexible arrangement more suitable to a floating number of people that could change every day. Thus, a  big living, dining with 5 bedroom suites with spill over garden space in the first floor and a huge terraced home theatre to accommodate 6 laze boys and a dance floor, bar and a gym was designed. The luxury in the interiors brings in aura of high society and the stark architecture of straight lines, mellowed colours and textures brings with it, elegance and simplicity. The architecture showcases its relevance to its surroundings and its elevated surroundings where the huge glass circumambulating the stairway on every floor draws one’s focus on the lake and the park in its vicinity. From the final floor, one could see the cityscape as a portrait set within a glass frame. The building is a sleek structure exhibiting the characters of cubes, glass, pergolas defining the solids and voids.

Interior Projects, Residential Interiors