Flora-Arcade Consultancy | HAL FTC
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About This Project


Project: Flight testing centre for HAL, Bangalore

Design dealt: Architectural, interiors and landscaping

Area: Site area – 10190 sq. ft        Built-up area – 15285 sq. ft

Theme: A defense public sector undertaking, the building (FTC) was to house ground engineering software equipment, to monitor test flights, their precision & accuracy in function while flying. The FTC has a floor- wise requirement, very specific to the function they cater with an overall   occupancy of 40 people only. The green features adopted in the architecture of the building is resonating in every design element, that we have brought forth while conceptualizing this building design. The concept of having a floor-wise deflection by 14 Degree from the straight axis of the site and also receding the building backward, opens up the E-N-W facade to northern and north-eastern light and ventilation , casting deep shadows  on the W-S-E side .Thus contributing to optimizing the use of natural energy sources. VRF system for AC has been limited to labs and telemetry cabins, as otherwise totally omitted in aisles and corridors and are ventilated by E-N-W openings with constant eastern light. LED lights have been proposed to conserve energy. The design and material use comprise the green features for the building, maximizing the use of natural sources of energy, harnessing the micro-climate of the region.

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